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CNC Machined Aluminum Vial Tray for the Pharmaceutical, Research and Development Industries

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When a pharmaceutical industry client from Berkeley, California contracted Acrylic Art to build a series of 6061 aluminum vial trays, used for pharmaceutical research and development applications, we quickly employed our 3-axis vertical milling center to mill and machine this important medical device complete, based on precise customer supplied, 2D prints.

Meeting precision tolerances as high as (±) 0.005 of an inch, we CNC milled the profile of each unit, and then drilled and bored all vial holes. We additionally drilled and countersunk all mounting holes. Finally, we engraved zero, X, and Y coordinates for registration and filled the line location. We then provided each unit with a gold anodized finish.

After all machining, engraving, and anodizing operations were completed, we delivered the finished unit to our buyer's facility in California. Our aluminum vial trays satisfied all client specifications and exceeded their expectations for quality.

CNC Machined Aluminum Vial Tray
CNC Machined Aluminum Vial Tray

CNC Machined Aluminum Vial Tray Specifications

Product Description These Vial Trays are robotically filed with vials for research and development within the pharmaceutical industry

Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Milling
  • Mill Profile
  • Drill & Bore Vial Holes
  • Drill & Countersink Mounting Holes
  • Filling Line Location
  • Zero X, Y Coordinates for Registration

Equipment Used 3 Axis CNC milling center

Overall Part Dimensions Length: 8.895"
Width: 7.535"
Height: 1.000"

Tightest Tolerances ±0.005"

Material Used 6061 Aluminum

Finish Gold Anodize

Features Engraved Features Lister Above
96 Vial Tray
64-8 Hole Combination Vial Tray

Industry for Use Pharmaceutical

Delivery Location Berkeley, California

Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name Vial Tray

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