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Custom Fabricated ABS & Acrylic Mobile Surveillance Camera Housing for the Security and Construction Industry

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A client who supplies security systems for construction sites requested Acrylic Art to manufacture a mobile surveillance housing which can accept the mounting of various security cameras. This housing unit would be used for temporary construction sites. Employing a combination of CNC milling, plastic fabrication, vacuum forming, and assembly, we were able to build this product to print.

We began this project by first machining all housing features from ABS plastic material using our 3-axis vertical CNC machining center. We additionally machined all slots and drilled and tapped all holes. We then contracted an outside source to create a fully thermoformed acrylic dome. This dome was designed to allow 360° camera rotation and viewing.

Custom Fabricated ABS and Acrylic Mobile Surveillance Camera Housing
Custom Fabricated ABS and Acrylic Mobile Surveillance Camera Housing

Finally, we assembled all machined parts using solvent cement and basic plastic fabrication techniques. Meeting a (±) .010 precision tolerance, we constructed the mobile surveillance housing to measure precisely 10.25 inches long and wide and 5.625 inches high. The dome itself measured 9.875 inches in outer diameter and 4.5 inches in height. After manufacturing was complete, we painted this unit silver.

Based on a customer supplied, 3D CAD drawing, Acrylic Art built a mobile surveillance housing for the construction industry complete with internal fittings, stand-offs, and brackets. The unit's mobility allowed for various on-site video and still camera surveillance. Exceeding our client's expectations for quality and fulfilling all product specifications, we shipped the completed housing to our buyer's facility in San Ramon, California.

Custom Fabricated ABS & Acrylic Mobile Surveillance Camera Housing Specifications

Product DescriptionThis Mobile Surveillance Housing accepts the mounting of security cameras and is used on construction sites and temporary locations.

Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Milling and Plastic Fabrication
  • Machine ABS Housing features and brackets
  • Machined slots, drilled and tapped holes
Vacuum Forming
  • Thermoformed Acrylic Dome (fully sub-contracted)
  • Machined Parts are Assembled Using Solvent Cement and Basic Plastic Fabrication Techniques
  • Paint Exterior of Housing

Equipment Used3 axis vertical CNC Machining Center
Table Saw

Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 10.25"
Width: 10.25"
Height: 5.625"
Diameter: 9.875"
Height: 4.50"

Tightest Tolerances± .010

Material UsedABS

FinishPainted Silver, Light Texture

Housing Accepts Surveillance Camera Mounting
Complete w/ Internal Fittings, Stand-Offs & Brackets
Dome Allows 360° Camera Rotation & Viewing
Mobility Allows Various On-Site Video & Still Camera Surveillance
Main Use is for Temporary Construction Sites

Industry for UseSecurity

Delivery LocationSan Ramon, California

Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing

Product NameMobile Surveillance Camera Housing

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