CNC Machined and Fabricated Acrylic MRI Calibration Tool for the Medical Industry

Using our advanced 3-axis CNC vertical milling center, Acrylic Art built an MRI phantom calibration tool. This important device is used by the medical research industry to replicate the human knee for osteoporosis studies. Based off of a customer supplied, 3 dimensional print, we 3D CNC machined the unit’s hollow hemispheres, as well as the cast tubing and removable lid. We also machined all fill/drain ports found within the hollow sphere.

After all the tool’s components were properly fabricated, we then polished the hollow hemispheres to visual clarity, according to print specifications, and used solvent cement to both bond the two halves of the hemisphere together, and fix the end cap to the cast tubing. Finally, we manually assembled all components, including the gasket, intake fill valve, air bleed valve, and removable top cap.

Meeting a precision (+/-) .005 of an inch tolerance, we built this MRI calibration tool to meet precise dimensional requirements. The fully assembled unit measured 4 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height, with a .25 of an inch wall thickness. The hollow sphere – the part used to replicate the knee cap – measured precisely 2.905 inches in diameter. The unit also possessed water and air tight compartments, including an outer chamber filled with a lightly dyed solution and a hollow sphere, which contained a radio opaque solution, and measured precisely 2.905 inches in outer diameter and 2.405 inches in inner diameter.

When all manufacturing operations were concluded, we delivered the finished product to our customer’s facility in San Francisco, California. Our MRI phantom calibration tool met with our client’s high expectations for quality