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CNC Machining of Delrin Manifold & Fabricated Acrylic Chambers for the Medical and Research Industries

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Based off of a customer supplied, 3D CAD drawing, Acrylic Art built a Delrin manifold complete with acrylic chambers. This instrument is used to introduce anesthesia and oxygen from a compressed gas source into diagnostic research, observation, and testing tanks for the medical research and development industry. Using our CNC 3-axis vertical milling center with indexing head, we were able to meet ultra precision tolerances of (±) 0.005 of an inch.

To begin this process, we first shell milled the manifold, as well as milled the unit's profile. In addition, we drilled all holes and performed all necessary counterboring and reaming operations. We then thread milled the manifold. We completed this project by fabricating, milling, and polishing the device's cast acrylic chambers to client specifications.

CNC Machining of Derlin Manifold and Fabricated Acrylic Chambers
CNC Machining of Derlin Manifold and Fabricated Acrylic Chambers

Machined from black Delrin material, the manifold measured 9.063 inches long, 6.125 inches wide, and 1.75 inches high. The manifold also possessed a smooth, 63 RMS finish. The cast acrylic chambers were designed for superior optical clarity and measured 1.750 inch outer diameter, with a .125 inch wall thickness.

Fulfilling all customer specifications, Acrylic Art was able to successfully build this important medical device to print. Exceeding our client's high expectations for quality, we delivered the finished manifold to our buyer's facility in Livermore, California.

CNC Machining of Delrin Manifold & Fabricated Acrylic Chambers Specifications

Product Description This Delrin Manifold and Acrylic Chambers are used for medical research & Development

Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Machining:
  • Shell Milling of Manifold
  • Mill Profile of Manifold
  • Drilling of Manifold
  • Counterboring and Reaming
  • Thread Milling of Cast Acrylic Chambers and Manifold
  • Fabricate Cast Acrylic Tubes to Supplied Specifications
  • Fabricate and Polish Cast Acrylic Tubes to Supplied Specifications

Equipment Used CNC 3 Axis Vertical Milling Center
Indexing Head

Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 9.063"
Width: 6.125"
Height: 1.750" Chambers:
O.D.: 1.750"
Wall Thickness: .125"

Tightest Tolerances±0.005"

Material UsedManifold: Black Delrin
Chambers: Cast Acrylic

Max Material FinishChambers: Optical Clarity
Manifold: 63 RMS

FeaturesManifold Introduces Anesthesia and Oxygen from Compressed Gas Source into Diagnostic Research, Observation, and Testing Tanks

Industry for UseMedical Research & Development (R&D)

Delivery LocationLivermore, California

Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing

Product NameDelrin Manifold & Acrylic Chambers

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