Custom Fabricated Acrylic Incubation Chamber for the Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Tech Industries

Meeting precise client specifications, Acrylic Art built an incubation chamber for the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries. This important medical device is used for the research and development of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical medicines. Maintaining precision tolerances as high as (+/-) .010 of an inch, we combined our CNC machining and plastic fabrication operations to manufacture this unit based off of a customer supplied, 2D print.

We first constructed the chamber using typical plastic fabricating techniques. Cutting, routing and solvent bonding to assemble the chamber allowed us to machine other details post assembly. The O-ring groove and latch mounting holes were machined after assembly to achieve the necessary tolerance on these details. Once all of the incubator’s components were successfully manufactured, we then attached the latches and hinged door and placed the O-ring into the groove.

The incubator cube measured precisely 14 inches square, with varying thicknesses of acrylic ranging from .25″, .50″ to .75″. The unit possessed flame polished edges and a clear finish designed for optimum optical clarity. The chamber also possessed tray rails, 6 draw latches, and intake and exhaust ports (as mentioned above).

Once assured that our incubator chamber fulfilled our client’s product requirements, we delivered the completed unit to our buyer’s facility in Santa Clara, California. This important medical device exceeded our customer’s high expectations for quality as required for the medical industry.