CNC Machining of Polycarbonate Induction Assembly for the Clean Room Industry

Recently, a client contracted Acrylic Art to build an induction assembly used within a clean room application. Using our 3-axis CNC vertical milling center, we machined this part complete, meeting an ultra-tight (±) 0.001 of an inch precision tolerance. The fully assembled piece included a number of features, such as a Gortex gasket, a brass fitting, a quartz nozzle (which we purchased for the assembly), a stainless steel ring, and a polycarbonate sleeve.

To begin this project, we first CNC machined all ports and surfaces. We also machined the unit’s stainless steel ring and polycarbonate sleeve. In addition, we performed all necessary drilling, boring, thread milling, and reaming operations.

We annealed all of the polycarbonate items prior to assembly. After assembly, we had the entire unit vapor polished. The assembled unit was then cleaned to Class 5 standards, double bagged and sealed until ready for use in clean rooms. The completed unit measured 2.65×1.130×1.3 inches in dimension and possessed a smooth, 32 RMS material finish.

Once all manufacturing and finishing operations were concluded, Acrylic Art delivered the induction assembly to our customer’s facility in Alameda, California. Fulfilling all client product specifications, as well as a required UL94-V2 rating, our induction assembly met with high customer satisfaction.